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Centreon BAM 3.6.0, a new step in interoperability: real time API released!

We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing Centreon BAM real time APIs in the 3.6.0 version. By releasing that API, we give you the possibility to easily retrieve applications or IT services health from anywhere. This gives you the possibility to include those data in any third party application and correlate or visualize them next […]

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Centreon BAM has a completely automatic maintenance period inheritance feature

Available since Centreon 3.4, Centreon BAM 3.5.0 has a completely new automatic maintenance period inheritance feature. Scheduled downtimes, which are essential to the monitoring process, are now automatically taken into account in real time when calculating Business Activities’s KPIs. Up till now it needed double data entry. Using automatic downtime inheritance, users save time and […]

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How to help ITSM and business operation teams gain a common perspective to align IT with business?

Ensuring the efficiency of enterprise business operations has much to do with understanding their relationship to real-time IT operations and service performance delivery. That’s how Centreon BAM makes IT monitoring count for business-IT stakeholders. It measures real-time operating vitals from masses of monitored data, aligned with ITIL practices, to make sense of crucial correlations between […]

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How can you use your IT monitoring indicators to provide a business view? 4 questions to Etienne Gautier

supervision IT ; IT monitoring

The digital revolution has resulted in Business management having massively computerized tools to work with, leading to a large number of questions on a daily basis. How can these users get the answers to questions on subjects as essential as CRM availability or the availability of their emails? How can your monitoring indicators be used […]

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New versions of Centreon products to guarantee Centreon 3.4 compatibility

Centreon 3.4

The release of Centreon 3.4, the new version of our open source solution, is accompanied by a version upgrade of all Centreon products. The new versions of Centreon EPP, Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI, as well as the Centreon EMS solution are therefore compatible with Centreon 3.4.

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