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Centreon is proud to officially announce the launch of its new monitoring solution for small ITOM teams and SMBs/SMEs

At Centreon, we believe that it is critical to empower ITOM professionals with round-the-clock monitored IT information and insight, regardless of sector, size or IT staff and resources, with reliable open source monitoring solutions that meet every frugal budget to make deployment and integration easy, speeding up time-to-monitoring (TTM).

Our new Centreon IMP solution is a highly performing professional solution that gets straight to the monitoring essentials for SMB/SME IT teams.

In a digital economy, every IT-savvy SMB/SME needs a robust & highly affordable monitoring solution to know & manage their IT service availability and performance for operations & business continuity.

But due to resource pressures, growing density and diversity of devices, applications and services in increasingly hybrid infrastructure, deploying good monitoring becomes challenging for their IT staff, if it’s not totally overlooked.

Losses from IT service disruptions and unplanned downtime, although smaller in figures, can be more crippling for SMBs/SMEs than for large enterprise. For example, network downtime costed $20K per hour for 80% of SMBs and $100K for 20% (IDC 2014 survey)

Centreon solution: Centreon IMP (Instant Monitoring Platform)

Centreon IMP is a highly performing professional solution that gets straight to the monitoring essentials for SMB/SME IT teams.

No more head splitting problems trying to configure!

Centreon IMP is based on the best of open source but eliminates all the time-consuming DIY steps. No more time spent on coding or scripting or looking for workable probes to monitor diverse IT assets. And no more risks in developing a probe that does not integrate or interoperate in a hybrid infrastructure.

Centreon IMP makes it possible for an IT administrator to benefit from the holistic use of:

  • Centreon, our integral open source monitoring platform
  • the full online catalogue of Centreon plugin packs and management system
  • updates, maintenance, as well as new Plugin Packs additions
  • online helpdesk
  • Centreon tutorial and documents

A “SaaS like” monitoring solution

For a small online subscription, Centreon IMP enables SMB IT administrators to install and integrate a ready to deploy monitoring platform.

This is made possible by the Centreon plugin packs. They enable any IT infrastructure of diverse assets and resources to be probed and instantly operational with Centreon. IT administrators can instantly access, install and monitor a wide range of industry standard IT domains: networks, servers, applications, storage, database, devices, equipment, and so forth – physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructures.

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