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Introducing Free Forever IT Monitoring for 100 Hosts or Less

What’s the best way to monitor 100 IT assets or less without any upfront investment or time consuming coding, for a $0 yearly subscription, year after year? You’ve got it, it’s through the Centreon IT edition forever free trial offer. All 400+ connectors and the powerful auto-discovery engine, free, instantly, for up to 100 devices. […]

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6 Key Features of Centreon 20.04, and Why You Should Start Using Them

It’s April, and there you are, a new version of Centreon is hatching. This blog post provides a quick overview of what to expect out of 20.04. The best way to discover what the new version has to offer is to register to our 20.04 webinar or ask for a live demo. For a deep […]

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