Centreon’s IT monitoring solution helps Fondation de France achieve its goal of efficiency, traceability and transparency.

Fondation de France was created in 1969 and is France’s leading philanthropic network. As a foundation working for all causes, it acts in all areas of public interest via its own action programs and by
facilitating the work of the 828 funds and foundations under its umbrella. Independent and private, it does not receive any grants and can only continue it works thanks to the generosity of donors and testators.
In view of its status and its specific line of work, the financial resources of the Fondation de France are subject to regular audits and controls. These obligations have a direct impact on its IS (which, consequently, must be able to trace and protect processes). In order to guarantee correct operation and the quality of the service delivered, the Internal Resources Department implemented a monitoring strategy using Centreon solutions in 2006. Over more than 10 years, its good practices and monitoring scope have changed markedly, in step with the functional improvements proposed by Centreon, enabling it to offer a high level of quality for its IT resources.

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