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8 key advantages for I&O teams & their business stakeholders

Blog 8 key advantages for I&O teams & their business stakeholders

Centreon EMS is Centreon’s full enterprise solution, designed to take IT infrastructure, systems and network performance monitoring to a whole new level of relevance for business operations.
Here are 8 obvious reasons for Centreon EMS.

 1- Powerful, reliable & fully integrated system for demanding multi-site I&O

Capable of combining and treating hundreds of thousands of service checkpoints at a time, with security encryption features, back-up and failover mechanism – easily viewed and managed through a unified userfriendly monitoring console.

2- Painless and rapid deployment for extensive monitoring coverage

Immediate deep and broad monitoring with industry-proven plugins and pre-configured templates to cover extensive industry-standard IT domains: OS, applications, databases, hardware, networks, storage, etc.

3- Single platform, multi-user rights & access

With built-in ACL, diverse enterprise users can be granted access to the monitored data on a need-to-know basis – by function, operations, screen displays, objects or resources to make their job easier.

4- Smart data-mapping for customized macro & micro views

Real-time custom views in multiple screens with graphic-rich data-mapping application that also empowers monitoring operators to act and trouble-shoot from a distance.

5- Pertinent KPIs for aligning IT service delivery with business

ITIL-centric KPI metrics and computation of real-time IT vitals help make sense of crucial correlations with dependent business operations, enabling ITSM to be effective in delivering on SLAs, OLAs, and UCs for business needs.

6- Ready monitoring intelligence & reporting for greater BI insights

Easily generate reports of essential operational KPIs in comprehensible business terms using pre-configured templates, and add reports as needed by exploiting the dedicated monitoring data warehouse.

7- Assured incident-response and problem-resolution for peace of mind

On-hand Centreon software experts and technical response team handle an unlimited number of incidents to ensure service disruptions and downtime are kept to a strict minimum.

8- Software maintenance for best performance continuity

Maintenance and version updates for different Centreon software components and modules are a given to ensure optimal system performance and operational continuity, mitigating changes common in hybrid IT environments.


Would you like a personalized demonstration or to test the functionalities of Centreon EMS on your platform? Contact us and receive personalized assistance to ensure the success of your monitoring project.

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