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*Centreon E2S overview*
The Centreon EventLog to Syslog module (Centreon E2S) allows to watch the Microsoft Windows eventlogs.

The user can define search rules allowing to view data in the Microsoft Windows eventlogs. When there is correlation between a rule and an event, this one is then transformed in the syslog format, then forwarded to a syslog collector which will log it.

By associating the Centreon E2S module with the module Centreon Syslog (available for the version 2.x of Centreon), the Systems & Network Administrators can view all the problems recorded in the Windows eventlogs within a unique interface and it therefore enhance their monitoring capabilities.

h3. Real-time monitoring

The application goes through the Windows eventlogs with regular interval to look for matched rules defined by the user.
When a rule is matched, the application transforms simultaneously the event in the standard syslog format and sends it to a collector of syslog events on the network.

h3. Event search

The rule configuration is very flexible. The user can create very general rules as for example the search for all the events of " Warning " or "System" types or more selective rules such as search by "ID", "source" and "description" fields.

h3. Syslog layout

In the case of a rule matching, the event is formatted in the Syslog standard (RFC 3164) according to the settings described by the user. It is possible to define more precisely that one event will have to be passed on with for instance "Facility: local0" and "Priority: Error".

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