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Best Practices
Saas IT monitoring vs. self-hosted? Can TCO help make the best choice?

SaaS IT monitoring is becoming the new norm, although traditionally, IT monitoring platforms were deployed on premises, in self-hosted fashion. Now, where does your organization stand in the SaaS IT monitoring vs. self-hosted debate? Even …

Best Practices
Integrating Network Assurance and IT Infrastructure Monitoring for stronger networks

It’s Monday morning, and John, a network engineer, is struggling with customers complaining about network issues. Yet no alerts are showing in the monitoring tool. What’s going on here? You may suggest John solves his …

Software Releases
New Connector Releases – January 2023

Every month, Centreon extends its connector catalog (a.k.a. monitoring packs or Plugin Packs) and implements new ones, allowing you to connect your IT monitoring with more ITOps tools. The result: increased visibility and business observability …

Best Practices
ITOps 2023 Trends: Emphasis on Capacity Building

What’s in store for ITOps in 2023? Despite budget restrictions and much higher expectations, the news may be good for ITOps this year. Why? Because the smart way out for CIOs is to build ITOps …

Best Practices
IT monitoring for 2023: Making ITOps reach their most ambitious new year resolutions

We’re jumping into 2023 full of hope, which for ITOps means less IT downtime, more flexibility and productivity, a deeper UX understanding, an observable business, and, of course, sustainable operations. Wishful thinking? No! This is …

Best Practices
4 criteria to select an IT monitoring tool that will boost digital performance

The world is changing and so are monitoring tools. Back in the days when IT was more technical than strategic, IT monitoring tools consisted mostly in alert management. Today, sophisticated IT monitoring solutions play a …

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