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Centreon: IT infrastructure and application monitoring for service performance

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Why choose Centreon ?


Centreon is the system and network monitoring software adapted to the needs of your ISD. It combines Open Source flexibility with the essential features of excellent supervision:

  • monitoring your servers, active elements and applications.
  • real-time operating and component management console.
  • maintenance and support for your whole platform by the solution publisher.
  • unlimited uses and extensions via open software mechanisms.

The productivity of your teams and the integrity of your infrastructure are guaranteed. With Centreon, equipping yourself with a supervision solution is now within the scope of all organisations, with costs controlled and the guarantee of a successful project

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International partners network


Used throughout the world, Centreon now has over 25,000 users. Our partner network is waiting to hear from you in your language, time zone and country. Their know-how and knowledge of the Centreon software suite guarantees you a local quality service.

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Would you like to become one of Centreon's commercial partners in your country or region? Explore our partnership program which guarantees you exclusive extensions, price discounts, the support of sales staff and the marketing and communication tools you need to offer the best services based on Centreon.

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