Code of Conduct

The Centreon Slack is a place where all the members of the community can discuss together. Please do not post stuff about sales, business opportunities and such here.

The following usage guidelines should be common sense, and apply mostly to public channels. Channel creators promise to follow the Channel Guidelines when creating new channels.

  • Be polite, and keep it clean.
  • Cultivate a network of support & encouragement for each other.
  • Everybody is welcome to contribute regardless of its experience or skill level. If you want to hang back and lurk, that’s cool, too.
  • Be courteous. This means:
    • Don’t use the @channel function unless you really need to notify everyone in the conversation.
    • Try to limit one-on-one idle chatter in channels. The rest of the channel members are probably getting distracted by constant notifications and may turn off notifications for that channel as a result.
  • Do not share files or messages over Slack that have sensitive information in them.

Please read the channel description to known the purpose of the channel

If you have an issue or a request, don’t hesitate to contact an administrator.

Current administrators :

  • Maximilien Bersoult
  • Eric Coquard
  • Hung Bui