Centreon 20.10 – Live session with the Product Experts


Centreon platform security enforcement and distributed architecture

Organizations of all sizes are working on their Business Resiliency implementing distributed architectures while enforcing stricter policies to protect themselves from security threats. The Centreon Platform, with its Open Source framework and unique distributed architecture, is the solution of choice when monitoring Business Resilient IT infrastructure.

In this webinar, Laurent Pinsivy, Product Manager at Centreon, will deep dive into the several improvements that software version 20.10 brings to the Centreon core framework for even more robustness and security. He will also detail how it is now leveraging the ZeroMQ library for streamlined communication flows that better fit highly secure distributed infrastructure.

This webinar is your opportunity to interact with Centreon’s Product Team and learn how we’re building a best-in-class platform for Business-Aware, AIOps-ready IT Monitoring, from Cloud-to-Edge.

Date: 25 November, 2020
Time: 11am EST (Toronto), 5pm CET (Paris)
Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A


Laurent Pinsivy, Product Manager

Pierrick Martel, Product Marketing Manager


Migrating to CentOS 8 or REHL v8

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux): how to?

Multi-Factor Authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

Distributed Platform with ZeroMQ: detailed architecture

Questions & Answers

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Centreon platform security enforcement and distributed architecture

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