Landscape, trends, and main challenges of IT monitoring
as faced by I&O

The growing role of IT monitoring in corporate IT governance and the rapid transformation of infrastructure driven by edge and IoT are opening the door to implementing new monitoring practices.

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✅   Key worldwide IT monitoring statistics
✅   Corporate trends and budget priorities regarding I&O and monitoring
✅   Current usage and benefits of monitoring tools
✅   Impact of IoT and Edge on monitoring practices and methods


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This global survey of 600 IT managers and I&O teams, conducted by the independent firm Vanson Bourne for Centreon, highlights the ever-growing importance of IT monitoring in corporate IT strategy and governance.

In particular, it reveals that only 27% of companies consider they are fully satisfied with their monitoring system, even though it is at the heart of their priorities, and all the more so since the beginning of the global health crisis.


Of respondents believe that it is very or quite important that their IT team provides and shares business-oriented KPIs going forwards


Of respondents rate the visibility over performance levels in their organization as excellent


Of the IT estate in organizations is currently monitored, on average