Turn Your Monitored Data into Insightful Information

Centreon Business Intelligence (BI) provides comprehensive insights into your business by turning data from your technical and application infrastructure into user-friendly information for actionable decisions.

By exploiting event and measurement data enabled by Centreon solutions, Centreon BI then renders it easily understood with user-friendly interface of pre-configured and customizable reporting.

Why Centreon BI ?

A unified business intelligence platform

  • The integration with Centreon significantly reduces the time and cost of installation, compared to a standard BI platform.
  • A “light” architecture which integrates all components of BI without the constraints of a typical BI platform.
  • Report templates and dashboards that fit your business dimensions


Clear and intuitive interface « ITIL compliant » reporting

  • Availability of service required for the business:
    • Measure the SI infrastructure availability in the identified service time slots
    • Measure the reliability and maintainability of the infrastructure and services to reduce the frequency and duration of outages
    • Check that availability is in compliance with the defined service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Ability of resources in ensuring delivered capabilities are in line with growing business needs:
    • Optimize or streamline resources
    • Anticipate evolving needs (capacity planning and management)
    • Justify purchases
  • Handling alerts
    • Evaluate the volume of triggered alerts, processed in the identified service slots
    • Measure the frequency and duration of outages
    • Identify critical resources and services
The main features

Innovative and intuitive features make Centreon BI more accessible to decision-making.



The statistics calculated by Centreon BI are stored in a database optimized for reporting.
Specific indicators for control are consolidated from the raw data collected by Centreon.


Reports publishing platforms

Several report-publishing protocols are available natively in the reporting engine.
It is possible to publish reports via platforms other than Centreon. Reports can be shared by e-mail or other exchange platforms.


Standard and specific reports

Reports provided with several synthesized levels facilitate the decision making at different functional hierarchy (operational, activity manager, IT department). Each report is customizable, so it is possible to derive a single report for different elements of supervision. Centreon BI’s libraries provide components to facilitate the creation of new reports tailored to specific or additional business needs.

The statistics interactive analysis

Reports customisation

The interactive web portal provides editing functions, reports and dashboards, accessible to all user profiles.

It is thus possible to interact on:

  • The visual layout of the graphics
  • The text properties and comment insertions
  • Dynamic content of the various components of the report

Multidimensional OLAP analysis

Statistical data shown is multi-dimensional and in matrix form.

The user can easily manipulate dimensions to analyze the data according to the axes of interest. Predefined mathematical formulas are used to perform the aggregation of statistical data.

Centreon BI screenshots