Centreon Software Suite

The Centreon software suite is designed to be modular and to simplify installation, integration and management of your enterprise information systems.

Optimizing your enterprise IT resources becomes a whole lot easier as performance monitoring and diagnostics of your enterprise network, servers, applications and services are instantly visible.


Performance Monitoring and Management of Hardware and Software Systems with Centreon 

Centreon provides the flexibility and adaptability of open source with industry-strength monitoring to facilitate the management of your IT infrastructure, systems and applications.

Improves Service Level Monitoring and Capacity Management of Critical Business Processes with Centreon BAM

With Centreon BAM, organizations are able to have correlated visibility of business-critical IT resources via a customisable dashboard of key performance indicators (KPI) and service levels (SLA).

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Visualizes the Topology of Your IT Infrastructure and Activities with Centreon Map

Centreon Map generates detailed views of analysed global traffic concentration and density of your IT infrastructure, facilitating the management of overall system performance.

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Business Intelligence Reporting Just Got Easier with Centreon BI

Centreon BI effortlessly turns data monitored in your IT infrastructure and systems into relevant insights for business decision-making, using pre-configured and customizable reports with user-friendly graphic interface.

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The Centreon Software Suite Solution Scaled to Different Needs

All the functions of Centreon’s software products are packaged into Centreon Enterprise Server (CES), defined for efficient installation and deployment to address different monitoring and management needs.

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