Be operationally autonomous and exploit the full potential of your Centreon monitoring software.

Training is carried out by our consultants with diverse field experience. On-the-field ITOM lessons are adapted to benefit different monitoring user profiles. Delivered in small groups of 8, standard inter-company classes or customized on-premise courses.

Monitoring methodologies and administration – 5 days

This training prepares you for 101 certification

What you will learn

Implementing the monitoring of servers, network elements and applications should lead to the creation of a catalog of indicators. Working on standard agents of the open source world, this training allows you to discover all handled objects and their configurations through the Centreon interface.

You will also discover advanced concepts such as service dependencies, receipts of SNMP traps or escalations of notifications. Beyond the technical features, the product functionality allows you to elegantly define access rights and properties of different software screens.

The installation and optimization of the monitoring platform will be discussed in detail, ending with the everyday administration of the platform.

Best practices will be taught in both the modules.

Discover the Centreon software suite. Implement monitoring checkpoints on heterogeneous target resources. Create a library of monitoring models.

Monitoring methodologies and deployment:

Centreon monitoring

  • »Introduction to the monitoring
  • »Interface overview (widgets)
  • »Configuration objects
  • »Discover plugins and their functioning
  • »Exploiting macro
  • »Host, service and contracts models
  • »Implement a catalog of indicators
  • »Study the performance data treatment

Indicators collection

  • »Set up monitoring
  • »Query SNMP agents
  • »Alert on receiving SNMP Traps
  • »Use agent NSClient ++ Windows
  • »Using NRPE agent on Linux
  • »Operate a monitoring via SSH
  • »WMI
  • »Passive monitoring

Access Management

  • »Define access control lists
  • »Limit interface screens rights
  • »Limit monitored resources rights
  • »Limit user actions rights
  • »Use extended information
  • »Adjust templates curve
  • »Integration with LDAP directory

Extension of monitoring

  • »Notify and escalate alerts
  • »Create logical dependencies between objects
  • »Create physical dependencies between hosts
  • »Meta services

Performance Charts

  • »Virtual metric
  • »Adjust templates curve

Administration of a monitoring platform:

Setting up the system

  • »Hardware requirements
  • »Software Requirements
  • »Define the hardware and software resources
  • »Software Architecture
  • »Understanding how different bricks
  • »The function of the event broker

Monitoring installation

  • »Operating Principle
  • »Install the software suite on a single architecture
  • »Move to a distributed architecture with a satellite collector
  • »Implementation of SNMP trap (approx. Distributed)
  • »Centreon administration system
  • »Implementation of backup
  • »Restore all or part of the information
  • »Work on data retention

Performances optimisation

  • »Study the optimization leverages
  • »Discover simple, advanced and complex optimizations (Best Practices)
  • »Apply changes to the monitoring engine
  • »Apply changes to plugins
  • »Working on the database
  • »Specific optimizations related to the events broker

Anomalies resolution

  • »Resolution of anomalies in the graphs
  • »Correct bad data delivery in real time monitoring
  • »Exploring the feedback mechanism of SNMP Traps
  • »Common anomalies and false negatives

Who should attend

Developer, operator, project manager et manager.


Have some knowledge in administration of Linux servers, IP networks and databases.

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