Grow your client base with an exclusive training offer | centreon

Grow your client base with an exclusive training offer


Be among the first Centreon Canadian Champions

Centreon is setting up in Canada this spring to build closer relationships with North American clients and meet the increasing demand for its IT monitoring solutions. To achieve this, we need IT consulting and integrator partners. And through Hays Canada, you’re part of a very select group we’d like to invite to join our talent pool.

Get certified now and win more business

Be among the first IT consultants available to implement and service Centreon-based projects in North America. It all starts with certification on our free Open Source IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution.

Special offer ONLY for Hays consultants

Sign up now for training sessions to be held on our industry leading IT infrastructure monitoring solution and pay only a fraction of the regular training fee.

Learn How To


> Operate IT monitoring : Configure & deploy

> Administrate, install & maintain your IT



11-14 June in Toronto


 Special limited time select offer

CAN $ 1000

Sign Up before May 25 

Regular registration fees are

CAN $ 4000

* Less than a hundred of your peers are receiving this offer

The Centreon Open Source Curriculum *

Operate IT monitoring level 2 – Configure and deploy IT monitoring

Administrate, install and maintain your IT monitoring system

Understand Linux system basics

Master monitoring techniques

Understand Linux advanced prerequisites for Centreon

Use advanced configuration and features

Configure Centreon objects

Monitor your first ressources

Manage your monitoring tool backups

Master Centreon software architecture

Troubleshoot most common errors

Manage incidents Automate with CLAPI

* The 2-in-1 course curriculum includes 8 hours of e-learning to be completed prior to the 4-days on site training.


Pre-register or ask to stay in touch for future opportunities. Fill out this form and we’ll provide you with with full details and updates.

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