Post Covid-19 Recovery

Managing Innovation & Cost Optimization from the Back-End Up 

We have the perfect storm: More IT complexity, more need for data to feed continuous optimization and innovation-driven growth, and fewer resources to do all this in a constricting economy.

Check out this whitepaper for some insights into post-COVID rebuilding efforts from the lens of digital performance and ITOps. As the very DNA of business changed with person-to-person contacts a continuity risk, conservative spending and innovation need to be perfectly balanced to thrive in the new “touchless” economy.

Answer questions such as:

  • Where to look for cost optimization
  • What investments should be prioritized
  • What strategy to adopt from an I&O perspective
  • How to keep IT teams engaged and performing


Are new tech investment fulfilling their promises? Innovation must now pay for itself and ITOps-level data help track success, on top of ensuring continuous performance optimization.


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