Best Practices

Monitoring projects: defining the scope, a key success factor that shouldn’t be overlooked

Good news. You’ve decided to set up a monitoring project. You’ve asked the right questions before starting and now you need to move forward to the next step: defining the scope of the project. As a result of the digitization of businesses, monitoring has become a must-have IT resource control element. This is both a […]

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Improve your Time-To-Monitoring with Centreon Plugin Packs

Centreon, our robust open source monitoring platform is functionally complete and ready to use at no cost. However, to launch Centreon into a specific IT infrastructure, probes need to be developed and integrated to extract values from all of the IT components found in the network. From plugins… This means scripting or writing the code, […]

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Monitoring peace of mind with developer-backed technical support

As part of Centreon’s software provider family, Centreon TechSupport (CTS) has seen and worked on the simplest problems to the most complicated of issues in its application. CTS gets right to the heart of the problem with the help of Centreon’s entire team of technical experts. Here are 5 key reasons to rely on Centreon […]

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6 good reasons to monitor

Here are 6 good reasons to monitor.

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5 topics to consider before launching a monitoring project

Through experience, we know that many monitoring projects start when an intern arrives in the company (it’s even how Centreon was born) and is put under the orders of an overworked “adminsys” who follows the project as best they can. With Enterprise and business digitization, IT monitoring has become as crucial as critical for enterprise […]

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The preconceived ideas about monitoring we would like to see the back of (because they’re 10 years out of date …)


Between the fans, those who find the subject complex, and those who only have a limited use for it, monitoring is still too often the victim of preconceived ideas from the turn of the century. Viewed as a technical subject instead of a business subject, monitoring is often reserved to a small group of users […]

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