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Interview by Eileen LEE LAVERGNE, Chief Marketing Officer.

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Which topic from the Gartner I&O Management Summit in Frankfurt did catch your attention?

There was a presentation from Milind Govekar from Gartner, one of the top analysts and he said that 90% of Infrastructure & Operations today are not quite ready for digital businesses. In fact, Gartner has this IT score whereby companies can actually measure their IT maturity model. What he’s saying is that 66% of Infrastructure & Operations typically fall in level 2. Level 3 is the minimum requirement. And level 3 is about proactivity. But more important, it’s also about system management tools and integration because they are so many different types of applications and tools and services these days.
The good news is that our customers are between level 2 and 3. They ask our solutions for the fact that they can view the information that they have monitored.
For example, a level 1 tech support will not be looking for the same thing or the same insight as a DevOps person or an infrastructure architect.

Part 2 of this interview: How can Centreon help companies to reach the third level of I&O maturity?

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