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Industry-grade IT monitoring in a robust open source platform

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Connecting ServiceNow to your Centreon platform

Centreon, IT monitoring, ServiceNow

This post is the first one in a series of two posts describing how Centreon can interface to ServiceNow. Today we’re discussing incident management. Integrating IT Monitoring with IT Service Management The IT Monitoring platform is one of the key elements inside your overall IT Operations environment, alongside the ITSM platform, in charge of Service […]

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Manage Centreon Broker link failures

Centreon Broker is the link between monitoring scheduler and MySQL to store collected data. But Centreon Broker is first of all a multi-input and multi-output manager. What are Centreon Broker’s components? To connect to Centreon central server, the Centreon Engine scheduler loads the Centreon Broker mode “cbmod”. This client is in charge to forward to […]

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6 good reasons to monitor

Here are 6 good reasons to monitor.

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5 topics to consider before launching a monitoring project

Through experience, we know that many monitoring projects start when an intern arrives in the company (it’s even how Centreon was born) and is put under the orders of an overworked “adminsys” who follows the project as best they can. With Enterprise and business digitization, IT monitoring has become as crucial as critical for enterprise […]

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Create your own custom view with Centreon

Since several versions, Centreon allows to create your own custom views. Many widgets are available and can be configured with several settings to display needed information. This article explains how to create your first custom view based on widgets available from Centreon installation.

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New release of Centreon Poller Display 1.6

Centreon Poller Display 1.6

Centreon-Poller-Display is an open source and free module, available now in 1.6.0 version, designed to provide a light version of Centreon Web locally on your pollers. This interface allows users to view the monitored resources of the poller from the poller itself. This is interesting for users who are near to the poller server and […]

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Tutorial: how to translate Centreon

translate Centreon
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Contribution management and feedback to contributors

contribution management

As you know, Centreon is an open source solution. The software sources therefore remain open and accessible on development platforms such as GitHub. Under the license applied to Centreon sources, you can all read them, analyze them, and why not modify them. You can correct a problem, improve the solution, or even add new features […]

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The preconceived ideas about monitoring we would like to see the back of (because they’re 10 years out of date …)


Between the fans, those who find the subject complex, and those who only have a limited use for it, monitoring is still too often the victim of preconceived ideas from the turn of the century. Viewed as a technical subject instead of a business subject, monitoring is often reserved to a small group of users […]

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