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Business-Aware ITOps gets new push with 19.10 release

We’re constantly evolving our IT monitoring platform and approach to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to leverage IT infrastructure monitoring as a frontline performance enabling tool. As we’re launching our most recent software update, this post introduces the 3-steps of business-aware monitoring (more on this soon) and highlights how Centreon EMS 19.10 […]

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New Centreon EMS 19.10 Software Release

We are proud to announce today the general availability of version 19.10 of our Business-Aware, Hybrid IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution: Centreon EMS. Every six months in April and October Centreon releases a new version of its flagship Centreon EMS solution, as well as the underlying Centreon open-source framework. What’s new for this October 2019 release? […]

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Monitoring Kubernetes and Docker with Centreon

Centreon, IT monitoring, Docker tutorials, Kubernetes tutorials, how to monitor Kubernetes, how to monitor Docker, Centreon tutorials

In this tutorial we will show how Centreon can monitor a Kubernetes cluster orchestrating Docker containers. Kubernetes is the most popular orchestration solution when it comes to deploying containerized applications and microservices. And Prometheus comes handy as a single point of metrics collection and aggregation for all three levels of your container stack: the individual […]

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Centreon 19.04 Release: Connecting the dots between Multi-Cloud & Legacy IT Monitoring

Hot off the press! The new features of Centreon 19.04 are now yours to discover. With this update, Centreon helps you connect the dots between multi-cloud and legacy environments for dynamic and future-proof IT monitoring and insights. This blog post is your ticket to finding out what’s new in-store for your favorite IT monitoring solution. […]

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Monitoring Microsoft Azure with Centreon

Centreon, IT monitoring, Centreon tutorials, monitoring Microsoft Azure

In this tutorial we’ll describe how Centreon can monitor the resources you’re deploying into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. To make things easier we’ll take an example: how to monitor an Azure Virtual Machine with Centreon? This will walk you through the basics about monitoring Azure services using the Centreon Plugin Packs. From there you’ll […]

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Monitoring AWS with Centreon

IT monitoring, Centreon, AWS, Amazon Web Services, Centreon tutorials

In this tutorial, we’ll describe how Centreon can monitor the resources you’re deploying into the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The Centreon solution includes multiple plugins to monitor AWS: one plugin per AWS service. At the time of writing, the following AWS services are included in the Centreon Plugin Library: Billing Cloudfront Cloudwatch EBS Elasticache […]

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Fresh Outlook: Monitoring for Infrastructure Diversity

Centreon, IT monitoring, hybrid monitoring

Tired of hearing the word “hybrid?” This blog post takes a closer look at what actually hides behind the notion of hybrid infrastructure: a new paradigm of infrastructure (or digital) diversity. Why should you care? IT monitoring and data collecting go beyond thinking in terms of “cloud” and “legacy”.  Here’s a quick look at some […]

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Immediate broad & deep monitoring thanks to Centreon EPP

Centreon Enterprise Plugin Packs (EPP) is THE answer. Addressing over 265 domains (and still counting), wide and deep monitoring coverage of major operating systems, equipment, servers, applications, software protocols and services become fast and painless – even for beginners. And that’s not all. Here are 5 clever reasons for Centreon EPP. 1-Vast catalog of Plugin […]

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Monitor your VMware infrastructure

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New versions of Centreon products to guarantee Centreon 3.4 compatibility

Centreon 3.4

The release of Centreon 3.4, the new version of our open source solution, is accompanied by a version upgrade of all Centreon products. The new versions of Centreon EPP, Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI, as well as the Centreon EMS solution are therefore compatible with Centreon 3.4.

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