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Immediate broad & deep monitoring thanks to Centreon EPP

Centreon Enterprise Plugin Packs (EPP) is THE answer. Addressing over 265 domains (and still counting), wide and deep monitoring coverage of major operating systems, equipment, servers, applications, software protocols and services become fast and painless – even for beginners. And that’s not all. Here are 5 clever reasons for Centreon EPP. 1-Vast catalog of Plugin […]

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Monitor your VMware infrastructure

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New versions of Centreon products to guarantee Centreon 3.4 compatibility

Centreon 3.4

The release of Centreon 3.4, the new version of our open source solution, is accompanied by a version upgrade of all Centreon products. The new versions of Centreon EPP, Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI, as well as the Centreon EMS solution are therefore compatible with Centreon 3.4.

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From plugins to Plugin Packs to improve your Time-To-Monitoring


Centreon, our robust open source monitoring platform is functionally complete and ready to use at no cost. However, to launch Centreon into a specific IT infrastructure, probes need to be developed and integrated to extract values from all of the IT components found in the network.

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