The Centreon Plugin Packs allows to quickly deploy the monitoring of your information system. With more than 240 Plugin Packs – in the Enterprise Plugin Pack edition – the catalog can meet the requirements of almost any end user. But what exactly does the catalog contain?

Protocols and technologies

The Centreon Plugin Packs are based on the Centreon Plugins. Those one can collect data using many different protocols such as SNMP for the most common, REST API, JMX, NSClient++/NRPE, SSH connection or other standard protocols.

According to the circumstances, a Centreon Plugin will use different protocols or different version of a protocol to collect data. The selection of a protocol relative to another depends of your usage and may allow to collect different data.

For example, the “Windows SNMP”, “Windows NRPE” or “Windows NRPE 0.5” packs allow to monitor Windows servers using in different way. The SNMP protocol can collect generic information (Memory/Swap/CPU/Disk rate usage, state of process, etc.) The NRPE version use the NSClient++ program and can collect generic information but also execute additional plugins to collect more data. It will therefore be necessary to select the protocol according to your needs.

The catalog

The Centreon Plugin Packs catalog is divide in different categories to facilitate the access:

  • Applications
  • Centreon
  • Cloud
  • Databases
  • Hardware-Server
  • Network
  • Operating-System
  • Protocols
  • Sensors
  • Storage
  • ToIP/VoIP
  • Virtualization

The catalog is often update to integrate new Plugin Packs or to add new indicators to monitor for the existing Plugin Packs. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to our Centreon web site (extract of catalog – for more information please contact us) or on the documentation web site to discover the news.

In a future article, we will discover each Plugin Pack category.
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How can you get the Plugin Packs?

To test our Plugin Packs you can download Centreon 3.4 with its 6 native Plugin Packs or choose the Free Trial of Centreon IMP including 5 additional Plugin Packs.
SMB with a small ITOM team and budget: buy Centreon IMP with online subscription
Multi-sites I & O with bigger ITOM team: contact us to buy our product Centreon EPP, also included in Centreon EMS.

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