Contribute to the Centreon project

The Centreon community is highly participative and there are many ways of being involved. Whether you are a decision maker in the ICT industries, a developer, designer or end user, there will be room for your know-how in the project.


centreon-picto-forum Publish in the forum
Obtain the support of well-informed members of the community and help others with what you have learned.

centreon-picto-wiki Contribute to the wiki
Help us build Centreon's on-line library. Share your knowledge and be recognised for your efforts.

centreon-picto-bug Report bugs
Effective bug reports and requests for relevant improvements help produce better software.

centreon-picto-test Test the new version
Be the first to test new features and bug corrections. Download development versions!
centreon-picto-traduire Translate the documentation
Contributors in the four corners of the globe for software that speaks in your language. And what's more it's easy, discover Pootle, our translation software and participate in our globalisation!

centreon-picto-creer Create a project in the forge
Share your development skills in an Open project. Join or create a new working team based on our infrastructure

This is a non-exhaustive presentation of the various ways you can be involved in the Centreon Community.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other suggestions to contribute!