Centreon Engine

Centreon Engine offers an alternative to the central Nagios© engine. The Merethis development teams have created the Centreon Engine using version 3.2.3 of Nagios© as a starting point. Their aim was to improve its performance and re-motivate the community with new challenges.

Now, all external participants are invited to join us in order to work in collaboration with our team on still greater improvements. We all hope to provide the improvements demanded by Nagios© and Centreon users.

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Version 1.1 of Centreon Engine is already available for downloading. Several versions will soon be made available in accordance with the roadmap (very ambitious!) accessible on this website. Many Nagios© patches proposed by the community via the official Nagios© bug monitoring tool have been incorporated into Centreon Engine, as well as various technical improvements. The next version (1.2), in course of development, will provide real functional changes such as the addition of Web services, replacing external command line commands.

The development team will aim to provide corrective versions regularly.

NameCentreon Engine
Created 7 January 2013
Latest version 1.3.5
CompatibilityCentreon 2, Ndoutils-1.4*, Centreon-Broker-*
Language English
Tool Scheduler
Web site www.merethis.com
Licence GPL v2
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This project aims to bring new ways of thinking and new features. The Centreon and Merethis developers focus their work on the following:

  • Performance increase
  • Architecture modernization (web services, modules, uses Framework, ...)
  • Load balancing
  • High availability
  • Simplicity to use.

The CGI Nagios© interface was not included in this project as the Centreon Engine users should always be able to use either the Centreon Web Interface or the official CGI of Nagios©.

What's the difference between Nagios© and Centreon Engine ?

With Centreon Engine, The MERETHIS developers wanted to show the Nagios© community how the core engine could be improve greatly by rewriting part of the code and by integrating patches corresponding to regular users new needs.

By making sure that the compatibility will always be possible our developers teams wish to show their respect for the work done until now on the Nagios project. They hope that the Centreon Engine project will stimulate positive reactions and have a constructive impact on the Nagios© Core developments which have been less important over the last few years despite regular contributions from our development teams but also from many other International contributors.

Several other projects around Centreon are currently under development and will offer a greater range of complementary monitoring tools for end users (HA, Load Balancing...)

Further information on this project is also available on the Documentation

Please feel free to contact us if you have some questions regarding this project.