Why become a partner?

At Merethis,

We are conscious of the essential place that Centreon partners occupy alongside us.

We share the same values: a passion for excellence and customer service. Together we form a dynamic and prosperous ecosystem that provides added value to our customers. Our partner programmes rightly offer numerous services, solutions and resources, designed to help you make your offers stand out from the competition and meet your customers' needs as fully as possible !


centreon-picto-cible Understand market needs and find new opportunities together
centreon-picto-paper Base your credibility on highlighting your commercial success and your technical capability to meet our joint customers' needs
centreon-picto-main Carry out joint strategic marketing and sales activities
centreon-picto-evo Access a vast and constantly expanding customer base
centreon-picto-man Improve your technical expertise concerning Centreon products and solutions
centreon-picto-para Extend collaboration within projects in order to facilitate the integration and configuration of Merethis products

Centreon internationally

Centreon now has over 25,000 users throughout the world. MERETHIS, publisher of software and solutions dedicated to Centreon Open Source supervision, has developed an international business. This enables it to provide its customers with a local service. MERETHIS has fostered close and trusted partnership links with numerous experts from the European Union, America, Africa and Asia.

The Centreon brand

The Centreon brand has developed progressively in numerous countries, finally to have a presence everywhere throughout the world. This international presence is a hallmark of the confidence shown by our customers, but also that of the robust and reliable nature of the CENTREON brand. Our brand's promise and the development of tailored structures as well as financial solidity enable us to develop reliable relationships and long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and our collaborators.