Centreon Syslog

The Centreon Syslog module allows to display the network Syslog events in a single interface. Leaning on the data base fed by services such as syslog-ng or rsyslog, this module is compatible with the version 2.2.x of Centreon.

Key features

  • Unified display interface
  • Centralization of Syslog events
  • Research for event by criteria and export of this one 
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Real time monitoring

The database being permanently fed by the service Syslog on the collector, it is possible to display in real time all the alerts raised by the network equipments or the servers.


Event search

With its filters and by making a research using fields such as " priority ", " level " or  "messages", the Centreon Syslog module allows to highlight certain events. An export in the ODT, CSV, XML format  of the research is also possible.


NameCentreon Syslog
Creation date 19 mai 2011
Latest version 1.5
CompatibilityCentreon 2.1.x,2.2.x,2.3.x
Language English, Français
Type Extension Centreon
Website www.merethis.com
Licence GNU GPL
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About Centreon Syslog

This project declines in two sub-projects which are Centreon-Syslog-Server and Centreon-Syslog-Frontend. The server part allows to collect the syslog events, to insert them into a database and to handle them whereas the Web interface (Front-end) allows to visualize these events according to the priority level or the contents of the message with the help of filters.