Why Centreon BI ?


A unified BI platform

  • The integration in Centreon can significantly reduce the time and costs of integration as opposed to a standard BI platform.

  • A "light" architecture which integrates all components of a BI platform without the constraints of this type of environment.

  • Report templates and dashboards that fit your business dimensions

  • Clear and intuitive interfaces

« ITIL compliant » reporting

  • Availability of services: deliver the level of availability required by the business:
    • Measure the SI infrastructure availability in the identified service time slots
    • Measure the reliability and maintainability of the infrastructure and services to reduce the frequency and duration of outages
    • Check that availability are consistent with the level agreements (SLAs)

  • Ability of resources: to ensure that the delivered capabilities are in line with the growing needs of business:
    • Optimize or streamline resources
    • Anticipate the evolution needs (Capacity Planning) 
    • Justify purchases

  • Handling alerts
    • Evaluate the volume of triggered alerts, processed on the identified services slots
    • Measure the frequency and duration of outages
    • Identify critical resources and services